Improve Recreation facilities on our foreshores and parks

We have terrific foreshore, bushland, and waterways that families should be able to enjoy. We are an outdoors and sports focused community. This is a key element of the lifestyle we enjoy and must protect and enhance. I know we can do so much better with facilities; Division Two should be a destination where you can invite family and friends to enjoy our enviable lifestyle.

I am committed to:

  • Enhancing our high class sports parks and other recreation facilities.
  • Well connected and safe walking and cycling pathways including bush reserves
  • Excellent foreshore parks with suitable amenities and shade.
  • Access to our harbour and bay for fishing, water-sports, day trippers and tourists
  • Lobbying to ensure future development including Toondah Harbour honours the community wishes to protect and enhance open spaces.

Promote Infrastructure Improvement Including Transport, Internet and Roads

Our community has been short changed in the past when it comes to hardĀ infrastructure. Our existing population and future growth demands significant upgrades to our existing transport and business infrastructure. The daily commute to work and school gets longer. Slow or unstable internet discourages modern business activity. We must engage the best future thinkers to guide our infrastructure investments.

I aim to:

  • Lobby for increased funding from state and federal governments and be open to work with business to together deliver community benefits such as innovative transport solutions, busways, cycle-ways, light rail, and key road upgrades for vehicles.
  • Lobby for urgent internet infrastructure from NBN or other large Internet Service Providers.
  • Consult best practice advice to guide council investment in transport and infrastructure

Encourage business and economic activity in Cleveland and on Stradbroke Island

I am optimistic for the economic future of our area. Hard work will bring growth in our local economy and more local jobs for our families. Modern day challenges require us to be more imaginative, innovative, forward thinking, and flexible than ever before. More local work also equals less time lost commuting through traffic.

I am committed to:

  • Attracting new sustainable businesses into our CBD by listening to their needs while balancing the needs of our community.
  • Striving, where possible, to reduce all council controlled obstacles to new business opportunities.
  • Working with state and federal government, business, and community groups to create a new robust and sustainable economy on North Stradbroke Island beyond mining.
  • Encourage and facilitate partnerships that build upon existing festivals, cultural, or community participation events and the tourist attractions of Cleveland and Stradbroke Island. These activities of one or more days should attract tourists from SE QLD and beyond.
  • To support local business development and growth wherever possible including fair access and opportunity to tender for local government contracts.
  • Investigate beautification and user friendly improvements to the Cleveland CBD street scape including improved lighting and street furniture.

Energetic and effective representation as your councillor

The community input I receive doorknocking and at events is that you feel disengaged from the political process. You want to know your councillor is available, is listening to your needs, and is then acting on them with enthusiasm. I have heard that you are feeling let down at present. I want to re-activate your personal connection to your local Councillor.

I promise to:

  • Be available to listen to you at one on one meetings, at community events, or by email and telephone. Invite me, and I will do my best to attend your meeting or event.
  • Ensure council consults the community regularly on important issues. This could be at community events, by various digital media, or community focus groups.
  • I will continue to regularly doorknock my electorate even after I am elected to keep in touch with your needs.

Keep Rates Under Control

Rates and other charges are necessary to provide the local services we expect. As a family man and small business owner I understand tight budgets and financial pressures.

I will strive to:

  • Keep rate rises and other charges as low as possible.
  • Ensure that parks and recreation services, roads, and waste management are delivered to high standards, are efficient, and on budget.
  • Investigate other non-ratepayer income streams into council to assist in keeping rates lower.
  • Investigate best practice policies to improve services or reduce costs.

Work Closely With Raby Bay Residents For Equitable Outcomes On Their Unique Issues

The residents and ratepayers of Raby Bay have a valuable position in our community and unique local issues to address. It is important that this group and their properties are treated with the same respect we afford all ratepayers and that their voice be heard.

I will commit to:

  • Engagement With Raby Bay Rate Payers for equitable outcomes and a consultative approach to open positive communication
  • Road repair and maintenance to legacy areas of the estate.
  • Revetment wall m monitoring, repairs and ongoing maintenance.
  • Communication with council and state government regarding a progressive approach to flood and storm serge mapping in the city plan. I do not support mandating the projected 2100 hundred level

Development To Be Balanced With Community Benefits and expectations

Our location and lifestyle means their will be continued population growth in our city. Housing development needs to be of the right type and in the right location. Hirer population near transport hubs and existing hard infurstructure makes sense financially and in practical terms.

Protecting sensitive environmental areas and open space is enhanced by allowing sensible growth where people already live. New housing and infrastructure projects create jobs.

First home buyers, retirees, and families needs varied types of homes, offering choice of pricing location and local facilities as their individual needs change.

I will commit to:

  • balanced development descions with reference to the overall community benefit and expectations along with the legislated planning regulations
  • Lobby for community and transport infrastructure from state and federal government to match existing and also new development such as Toondah Harbour.
  • Work closely with council officers, owners and builders to achieve the best possible outcome for all.
  • Ensure council consults regualry with the community regarding the development of housing, transport, recreation and community facilities.
  • Lobby for state and federal funds to assist Stradbroke Island in necessary sustainable tourism, business and other infrastructure.

Advocacy for Aged Care, Disability and Community services

The primary focus of any thriving community must be the needs of its people. It is how we look after each other that defines the mood and nature of a community. It is impossible for government to fund or provide all necessary services. It requires a co-ordinated approach involving individual volunteers, community groups, not for profit groups, business, and government. There are big social challenges but also business and wider community benefits in this sphere of work. As a physiotherapist and father of 4 grown daughters, I am particularly sensitive to some of our community needs.

I will strive to:

  • Continue to volunteer my time for community events on a regular basis and encourage everyone in our city to volunteer at least twice a year.
  • Lobby for a well serviced Community hub to be used by not for profit groups that benefit our most vulnerable.
  • Continue to assist in preparing the business and disabled community for new disability services funding (NDIS).
  • Advocate to State and Federal representatives for improved services for both Aged Care and Youth programs.
  • Lobby for, and provide every practical support for Domestic violence services
  • Shine a light on areas of need, and on opportunities to assist wherever possible

Stradbroke Island Needs Special Attention

Stradbroke Island is an amazing place with distinct issues across a diverse community. I commit to being a strong and active representative for Stradbroke. I will encourage and assist all groups to work together for a strong future for the Island.

I commit to:

  • Supporting a moderate extension to the proposed 2019 end of sand mining.
  • Work with all stakeholders to transition to a sustainable post-mining economy
  • Improving certainty of land use and tenure for individuals and businesses.
  • Encourage Communication and engagement with all Stradbroke communities and groups to assist unity and confidence.
  • Working towards world class cycle-ways and pathways for Stradbroke
  • Advocate for improved parking and transportation at Dunwich and Toondah Harbour
  • Advocate for enhancements to the Dunwich foreshore area